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Validation Of Thermal Imaging Report With NHBC

Saturday, 12th September

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How can you tell that the results in a thermal Imaging report are valid?

This is not an easy question to answer if you are unfamiliar with thermography. But this is the position customer care managers find themselves in a report lands on their desk, and they need to work out what to do with it.

NHBC Thermal Imaging Report Guide

In January 2020, NHBC produced some guidance for them. And made life easier for us and our clients in the process.

The NHBC Foundation in collaboration with BISRIA have written a document detailing what is and isn’t an acceptable thermal imaging report (NF86). We are particularly pleased – although not surprised –that their recommendations are already part of our company’s way of doing things:

Our reports tick every requirement for a credible report. They always have. Our clients can be confident that their thermal issues will be actioned not challenged.