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Reasons You Should Always Choose an ABBE Qualified Thermographer

Tuesday, 31st August

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Thermal imaging is used in many diverse ways. Did you know that thermal cameras are used by equine professionals to help identify injuries in horses? Or that they have been used by race officials to detect cheating during cycling events? (The wonderfully named Cycle doping.)

It is easy to get a thermal image. You press the auto-button – and an image is captured. However, it is much harder to get a thermal image that tells you what you need to know. In order to get any benefit from this fantastic technology, you’ve got to know what your object is! I can take a thermal image of a horse’s leg, however, I’m wholly unqualified to tell you what the resulting thermal pattern indicates and how it relates to the physiology of the animal.

In the past, the only qualification available to thermographers who wanted to specialise in building surveys was PCN level 1 or 2. The PCN is a well-established and highly respected scheme, however, it’s geared towards the inspection of machinery and electrical installations. ABBE saw an opening for a course and a qualification that recognised that a thermographer needs a specific skill set to undertake a building survey and interpret the thermal patterns they see.

There are many people out there with IR cameras but without accreditation, who are marketing themselves as building thermographers. Does it matter? We think it matters tremendously, and we are willing to go to the expense of training our people to ensure you get the best service. We guarantee you will receive the benefit of that approach.

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