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Thermography in Watford

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Thermal Imagine Survey in Watford

At Thermalume, we provide a wide range of building surveys and property tests for buildings across Watford. To ensure you have a safe, regulated property we not only need to perform a building survey, we also need to heat and air testing, as well as insulation tests for your property. Using the latest thermal imaging technology, we provide a comprehensive analysis of a property, this helps highlight any problems with a building.

Our team provides building surveys for new build and existing properties in Watford. This includes services for both commercial and domestic buildings. All of our tests and building surveys are convenient and non-invasive. This means we conduct them without having to strip away the walls, fixtures and ceilings of a property.


Air Testing in Watford

Make sure your property passes Building Regulation L1a. We have worked alongside developers, buildings, designers, contractors, and more to improve the efficiency of their properties, and ensure they meet the required standards.

Air testing aims to deduce how ‘tight’ a construction has been built, and whether there is uncontrolled ‘air leakage’ that may otherwise reduce the efficiency gains made through modern materials. At Thermalume, we have been working in and around Watford for many years, helping developers get their plots passed. We use the latest air testing techniques so that you can rely on our results and the performance of your building.


Thermal Imaging Survey From £485


Thermalume provides expert air permeability and building surveys for buildings across Watford and Hertfordshire. Watford is a large town northwest of London, famous for its Premier League club Watford FC. and Watford Museum which focuses on the town’s history over the years.

On the outskirts of Watford is the Warner Bros. Studio Tour, where a variety of sets and props from the Harry Potter films are showcased. This, along with other aspects makes Watford a great town to live and visit.

As a variety of new properties are built across Watford, our team have provided building surveys and air permeability tests to ensure their quality and safety. Watford is a town we are proud to work across. Here are the wide variety of building surveys we offer:

Thermal Building Surveys

A thermal survey is a great way to understand how your building is performing thermally. In addition to our standard survey, our services can be selected individually, or combined into a comprehensive workscope tailored to your needs.

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Heat Loss Investigation

Some rooms seem to be inexplicably colder than others. This is the classic “cold room conundrum”. Let us help you solve it with the help of thermal imaging.

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Air Testing

We offer developers an air tightness testing service with one goal in mind: to get your plots passed. We provide an ATTMA registered technician with UKAS-calibrated equipment and a thermographer to ensure rigorous and efficient testing.

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Building Insulation Check

We can map missing, disturbed or damaged insulation and help you target remedial work intelligently

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Thermogram - Exterior | Thermogram of a large, traditionally built early Victorian house in Surrey.