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Thermal Imaging Survey

Thermographic Imaging Services

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Thermal imaging surveys are a great way to understand how your building is performing against heat loss. In addition to our standard ABBE  qualified thermal imaging surveys, other services can be selected individually, or combined into a comprehensive work scope tailored to your needs. We can help with the following:

– For those working with architects, we recommend a thermal survey between RIBA stages 6 & 7.


Problem Areas

A thermal image of the back of a house in London, next to a non thermal image

Thermal Imaging Surveys

Monitor retrofit works to solid walls: Builders will often use a ‘best guess’ when choosing materials to upgrade the insulation of traditionally built properties. (This may be understandable given budget restraints.) We can assess the effectiveness of the chosen method in situ. This is particularly relevant when IWI (internal wall insulation) has been adhesively bonded to solid walls – a common, and occasionally inappropriate, use of materials which can lead to significant issues, highlighted with a building thermal imaging survey.

Accreditations and Practices

No room in your house should be uncomfortably cold. Thermographic surveys let us help you solve the heat loss puzzle and reclaim that cold room.


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Additional Information

Suspected missing insulation in the ceiling adjacent to the eaves. Spot measurements Sp1 has been taken on the anomalous pattern, Sp2 on a satisfactory part of the construction.


We can detect and map missing, damp or poorly installed insulation

Thermal image of a bedroom to check for heat loss.

Air Leaks

With a heat loss survey, we can locate defects in your construction which allow cold air in and warm air out. Air infiltration and exfiltration are major causes of heat loss in buildings

A thermal image of a bathroom taken by Thermalume

Thermal Index Calculations

We can highlight areas which have a heightened risk of mould and condensation using quantitative assessment methods

Builder on a construction site wearing a hi-vis jacket

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Minimal survey preparation. Minimal disturbance to you, your tenants or employees. Zero damage to your finishes.

Dispute Resolution

Illustrate non-compliant or defective work through an authoritative report

Save Money

Let us show you exactly where heat is being lost; invest your money intelligently to maximise your return on energy savings

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