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6 Benefits of Thermal Imaging Surveys

Tuesday, 17th August

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Benefits Of Thermal Imaging

Thermal Image of Semi Detached Houses with Infrared Camera for domestic home thermal imaging survey

If you have questions about how your house was constructed or where it is losing heat, thermal imaging can offer many insights.

Thermal Imaging Is Non-destructive

Thermal imaging is a non-destructive inspection technique. Data is acquired remotely. There is no damage to paint or other finishes during one of our surveys: this makes it a great diagnostic tool for properties in the final stages of construction or after practical completion.

The traditional way of investigating concealed defects is to open up walls. This involves a builder, a jabsaw and a crystal ball since it is rarely obvious where the opening up should begin (or end). This can lead to a meandering path of destruction across walls, floors, and ceilings. This hit-or-miss process is often so disruptive and disheartening, particularly when it involves new work, that we can understand why some homeowners abandon the idea of investigating altogether!

If you suspect that you might have a thermal issue in your property, always start any investigation with a non-destructive test and only escalate when the proof has been found and a plan is in place. A thermal camera is the perfect diagnostic tool.

Thermal Imaging Surveys Reveal Hidden Defects

When the shutter is pressed, our IR cameras take over 300,000 individual temperature readings. These temperatures form distinctive patterns in a thermal image. As a specialised firm of building inspectors, we understand the relationship between the thermal patterns we see, and the underlying construction. We can detect the following:

Once a defect has been located it can be sized and described, and its severity assessed.

Covers Large Inspection Areas, Efficiently and Quickly

The temperature of a surface can be taken in three ways: using a contact thermistor, an IR thermometer, or a thermal imaging camera.

The first two methods will provide you with a single temperature reading… however a thermal imaging camera can provide you with tens, if not hundreds of thousands of readings. A wall can be scanned in seconds and a large building can be surveyed (inside and out) within a couple of hours. This would simply not be practical using any other technique.

Thermalume has invested in interchangeable lenses for our IR cameras. These allow us to inspect from a distance while maintaining the resolution of our cameras. We regularly inspect multi-storey buildings from ground level without the need for scaffolding or other aids to work at height.

Assess Repair Work, and Monitor a Building’s Thermal Performance Over Time

A thermal image is a permanent visual record of surface temperatures on a specific date and time. Thermal images taken at different times can be compared easily (although some care needs to be taken to account for different environmental conditions). There are many scenarios when this can be invaluable:

Evaluate the Thermal Performance of Existing Properties

Thermal imaging is an effective method of assessing the thermal performance of existing properties. The parts of the building that would benefit most from a thermal upgrade can be identified and the work can be planned intelligently – don’t rely on guesses and assumptions, target your upgrade work, and reap the benefits of a warmer house and lower energy bills.

It’s not all About Faults and Defects

Thermal imaging can help when there are any temperature differences between components or elements. This is particularly helpful when tracing plumbing or identifying parts of the construction.

Thermal Imaging Surveys With Thermalume

Thermal imaging offers a unique visual insight into how buildings are constructed and how they operate. Its important to ensure that your property is inspected and reaping the benefits. Therrmalume provides confidence and reassurance that your property is properly conducted for you to understand your property better and make necessary adjustments. If you are unsure and want further information about hermal imaging or would like to book a survey Contact us today.