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With a wealth of industry experience and a professional team of thermographers on hand, you can rely on us to provide you with the information you require for your building project.

At Thermalume, we offer a range of surveys, enabling us to tailor our reports to the level of information you require. Thermal imaging surveys are typically combined with air tests to ensure that you know not only how much air leakage is being experienced, but also where this is happening in your property.

Non-invasive Insulation Surveys

Looking for a thermographer you can rely on? As ABBE-qualified building thermographers, we work across commercial and domestic buildings, as well as traditional or new build properties. Our non-invasive techniques mean we can carry out all necessary testing without damage to the walls or ceilings.

Thermography Reading

Understanding the science and patterns behind a thermal image is crucial for us to be able to provide you with a detailed report of your particular construction.  With experience in construction and engineering, we know the importance of understanding the building structure we are reporting on, ensuring our findings are both accurate and informative.

At Thermalume, we understand that if you’re in a dispute with a client or developer, you need a thermographer you can rely on. We create impartial and accurate thermography reports to provide you with the necessary facts in order to move forward in the most efficient way.

Air Permeability Testing for Your Reading Property

Alongside our thermographic surveys, air leakage testing can pinpoint where in your property heat is escaping from.

When building new properties, it is a legal requirement to minimise the amount of air leakage. Forming part L of the UK Building Regulations, excessive air leakage can lead to heat loss and be counterintuitive to any insulation techniques used to minimise heat loss.

Ensure your building project is energy efficient and invest in air testing in Reading with Thermalume. We work alongside builders, architects, developers, and more to ensure you have all the information you need to minimise heat loss and remain compliant.

Contact us today for expert building surveys and air permeability tests in Reading and Berkshire, for all types of properties.

Uncontrolled Air Leakage

Air tightness testing goes by many names, including air leakage and air permeability testing. The key is that it measures uncontrolled air leakage from your property. Uncontrolled air leakage does not take into account any vents or controlled sources of ventilation – so these will be covered prior to the test being carried out.

Air tightness testing should only be performed by a registered air tester. When conducting the test, your tester will pressurise or depressurise the space, using industrial fans placed in an external opening (typically a doorway). Once complete, your test calculations will show how much air leaks through the structure of the building and whether it meets building regulation standards.

Reading is a large town in the south of England, sitting between the River Thames and Kennet. The town is most famous for the world-famous Reading Festival, which attracts visitors from across the UK, not only Berkshire. The Reading Museum showcases the town’s vibrant history and our team have carried building surveys and tests to ensure the quality of the structure.

Thermal Building Surveys

A thermal survey is a great way to understand how your building is performing thermally. In addition to our standard survey, our services can be selected individually, or combined into a comprehensive workscope tailored to your needs.

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Heat Loss Investigation

Some rooms seem to be inexplicably colder than others. This is the classic “cold room conundrum”. Let us help you solve it with the help of thermal imaging.

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Air Testing

We offer developers an air tightness testing service with one goal in mind: to get your plots passed. We provide an ATTMA registered technician with UKAS-calibrated equipment and a thermographer to ensure rigorous and efficient testing.

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Building Insulation Check

We can map missing, disturbed or damaged insulation and help you target remedial work intelligently

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Thermogram - Exterior | Thermogram of a large, traditionally built early Victorian house in Surrey.