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Electrical Thermographic Surveys

What is electrical thermography?

All electrical components release thermal energy in the form of infrared radiation. The higher the temperature, the more energy contained within the component and the greater the radiant energy emitted from its surface. Radiant energy is not visible to the eye, however infrared electrical thermal imaging can make it visible and measurable and provide a permanent record in the form of a radiometric jpeg or thermogram.

Why use electrical thermal imaging services?

The temperature of an electrical object can be a good indicator of its condition or health. For components to be performing efficiently and safely they should be within their design temperature range. An electrical thermal imaging survey can detect whether levels of radiation from an object’s surface (which is converted to temperature) or the characteristics of the emissions are normal or abnormal: this can act as an early warning and alert you to potential failures.

Advantages of thermal imaging electrical inspections

Why should businesses have regular electrical thermal imaging surveys?

Thermal Image

Why use Thermalume for electrical thermal imaging?

Simply stated, we tick all the boxes for electrical thermographic inspections.


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    Key Benefits of Thermal Imaging Electrical Inspections

    Electrical Thermal Image of Plugs
    Identify critical faults

    Electrical Thermal Image
    Monitor asset performance over time

    Electrical Thermal Image
    Reduce insured risk

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